Legends of Warsaw

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Legends of Warsaw


Legends of Warsaw is a perfect choice for English-speaking readers, tourists and Warsaw’s residents who want to feel the atmosphere of the city and discover its stories. It is a great introduction to the history of the city and a perfect souvenir of your trip to Warsaw.

 “Legends of Warsaw” is a fairy tale mixed with facts, where real characters appear alongside fantastic ones. The stories are arranged chronologically: from the mythical beginnings of the settlement on the Vistula River, through the medieval history of the city of Masovian dukes and the golden years of Warsaw as the capital and seat of kings, to the 19th and 20th centuries.

Reading is facilitated by notes that explain some of the more difficult concepts as well as the legends’ historical and cultural context. The publication includes a map of the historic center of Warsaw with descriptions of places from the legends.

The authors of the stories included in the collection are some of the greatest polish writers of literature for children and young adults: Ewa Szelburg-Zarembina, Artur Oppman, Maria Kruger and Wanda Chotomska. Their classic texts were given to leading translators of literature and translated into English for the first time.

The book has a hard pressed cover and is richly illustrated. The author of the unique graphic design is Wojciech Pawliński.


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• For English-speaking fans of Warsaw

Dane techniczne

Wydawnictwo Muzeum Warszawy
Autor Wanda Chotomska, Leon Kieżgajło, Maria Krüger, Halina Łochocka, Zdzisław Nowak, Ewa Szelburg-Zarembina, Łukasz Bukowiecki
Design Wojciech Pawliński
Tłumaczenie Soren Gauger, Zosia Krasodomska–Jones
Język Polski
Rok wydania 2020
Liczba stron 112
Okładka Twarda
Wymiary 165 × 220 mm

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