Agata Bogacka. Paintings

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praca zbiorowa, Agata Bogacka. Paintings 

anglojęzyczna wersja albumu/English version of the album

The album "Agata Bogacka. Images 2016-2022" is after "Niedenthal. On Freelance. Poland of the 1970s" with photos by Chris Niedenthal, the second publication of the young publishing house.

The nearly 260-page publication features more than 110 excellent-quality reproductions, exhibition photos and essays by art historian and curator Carina Plath, director of the Central European Research Institute for Art History (KEMKI), Dávid Fehér and Post Brothers, a critical project. As Niedenthal reveals, work on the project took more than two years.

Agata Bogacka is a painter born in 1976 in Warsaw. In 2001, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, quickly gaining recognition thanks to her highly stylized, synthetic and figurative paintings, referred to as a “painterly diary of mental states”, in which she recorded emotions and feelings towards her loved ones. Over time, her paintings evolved and direct references to reality became more and more abstract. The artist’s latest works are based on the configuration of planes using tonal transitions. The gradient used symbolizes the blurring of boundaries and their establishment, directly referring to the complex bonds that exist between people. These relations can be understood more broadly, encompassing various possibilities of coexistence: political, social, oppressive or conciliatory.

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Tytuł oryginału Agata Bogacka. Paintings
Wydawnictwo 77 Press
Język Polski
ISBN/ISSN/EAN 9788396631916
Rok wydania 2023
Liczba stron 264
Okładka Twarda
Wymiary 240 x 300 mm

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